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Cooking has never really been my thing. I have tried so hard to turn into the person that cooks most nights a couple nights a week. I have tried freezer meals, meal planning, having weekly shopping lists sent to me... I HATED THEM ALL! 
Being a teacher and a mom I'm busy. By the time I've wrapped up the school day, drove home, unpacked my child and the things that I TOLD myself I was going to work on at home knowing that I really wasn't got to take anything out of the bag, finished homework, started laundry, and given the tiny human a bath, well I don't want to do anything but sit on my couch and watch reality tv. 

Then I found Hello Fresh. 

I tried my first box from a friend that was giving out freebies. I picked the Classic Plan for 2, 3 meals a week. I figured one serving for dinner and one for lunch the next day. The tiny human only eats the chicken meals (insert eye roll). The also have Family Plans, and Veggie Plans to choose from. You can do 3, 4, or 5 meals a week. You can definitely choose the right plan for you and edit your plan when ever you wish! *Prices do depend on your plan and how many deliveries you get a week. 

It was the fun part, picking a recipe! 
Variety- New ingredients and techniques for something a little different but still doable
Fit- Quick and nutritious meals for under or around 650 calories per serving
Quick- Quickest and easiest recipes to help cook a well-balanced meal
Seafood Free
Pork Free
Beef Free
No Preference

I'm still using the variety recipes because I still a newbie. When school starts I might go to the quick recipes for a while. Here is the good part, after you sign up you can edit the meals that are sent to you! If I have a repeat meal I just make sure to change it! So simple! 

The easiest part! No driving anywhere or going into the grocery. No waiting in lines!
You can pick a delivery for Wednesday-Saturday. ***The day that you decide to have the food delivered changes the day that you need to make sure you have the recipes you want. So I change my recipes a few weeks before to make sure I don't forget.  You can also pause your deliveries so that if you aren't home one week, or you have plans you don't have to pay to get meals you won't use. You can pick to get meals once a month or every other week. It's totally up to you.

When the box is delivered it is packed with ice so that the food doesn't go bad. 

Cookin' Time
Each meal is packed in a different bag, labeled so you know which meal it is. There are also easy visual recipes that are easy to follow. I would say that each meal takes about 30 minutes to prepare (Remember I have the classic plan, variety meals, for 2) 

This is by far the easiest cooking experience I have ever had! Every meal is delicious and healthy! No more fast food. *Except for a McDonalds coke every once in a while* I have talked so many people into this new way of cooking. I feel so much better when I am eating Hello Fresh and I enjoy finding out what is going to come in my box every week! It's like a healthy at my door every week! 

*This post is not associated with Hello Fresh, this is my personal review and feelings.*

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