About Me

Let me introduce myself...

I'm Lauren! I'm a 30 something, coffee loving, chocolate eatingmommy of 1. Now let me break it down a little deeper...

30 Something... yep! It is what it is!

Coffee Loving... I have 2 Keurig! One at home and one in my classroom! Not a day goes by without a cup of coffee. If I don't have my coffee, my whole day will be ruined. I mean, let's be serious, what teacher can run on NO caffeine! Not this teacher! Did I forget to mention that I also have a Rae Dunn collection of coffee mugs? They just make coffee so much better!

Chocolate Eating... Reese Sticks are my favorite thing on the planet! I always have them in my freezer at home and work! I can eat all kinds of chocolate, usually if I need a snack you can catch me snacking on Double Chocolate Brownie Crisps! If I'm not eating chocolate, I'm usually eating pretty healthy! I LOVE my Hello Fresh Meals! They have changed my life!

Mommy of 1... The BEST job EVER! I have the best 6-year-old! We love to go to the pool and play games. You can catch us having a Disney Movie night at least once a week, popcorn included! We have ice-cream Sunday every week and oh yea... we go to the same school!

Now what did I forget? Oh yea! I am getting ready to start my 9th year teaching, and my FIRST year in SPECIAL EDUCATION! You have no idea how excited I am about this! I have previously taught Kindergarten, 1st Grade, and 2nd Grade and I'm moving in Primary SLD with means I will have students in all 3 of those grade! I'm so excited to share my teaching journey with you and hope you tag along!

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