Best Back to School Tip!

Here is my best back to school tip! Personally I like the saying, "teach them as if they know nothing." I think this is very true in every single grade! You have to explain every, single, little procedure, rule and consequence over and over, time and time again, for days and weeks on end. I know that it sounds like to much work and so crazy but it pays off in the end. The more you "over explain" it, the more they will understand and be able to better follow your directions! Trust me this is a major key to a successful school year.

Another thing is that you have to stick to your word. If you set a rule and a consequence, FOLLOW IT! If something is failing, take the time to reexplain it and try again. If it's just not working for your class (we all have those moments) think of another way to get the product that you are trying to produce.

My final tip is beg, borrow, steal and ask TONS of questions (especially if you are new). I am heading to a new school and a new grade level this year and I'm already picking everyones' brains! I'm so excited about my new journey but I also hope that it's smooth sailing!

Hopefully you find these tip helpful!

Have a great time heading back to school and GOOD LUCK! =)


  1. Great tips, Lauren! It's amazing how many times you have to reteach procedures. I agree that consistency is key. Thanks for sharing!
    Always Kindergarten

  2. Thanks for linking up with great tips. It is hard to be consistent but it is soooo important for both you as a teacher and your students.

    Hanging Around In Primary


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