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It was a total fluke that I stumbled upon Apple Teacher. I was actually looking up classes for my Tiny Human to take at the Apple Store after seeing a few people post stories in Instagram. So I took a second and clicked around, and I found a whole world of Apple! So I quickly signed up to become Apple Teacher Certified

A quick backstory is that I've been using Mac's since I was in High School. (I'm not telling you how many years that's been). I started on Desktops, then had to get a laptop for collage. Since then I've invested in iPhones, iPods, iPads, Apple TV, and another laptop. **I've been talking myself out of an Apple Watch for a while now.** My second school that I worked at was a Mac school, so we had a whole gamut of good stuff. We even had a Digital Learning Coach to help bring technology projects to life. We had an AMAZING Humanities teacher that really helped the kids learn how to use all our technology. Then, I moved to a school closer to home and we all got 1 iPad. This year we each got 4 more iPads, which I will be using ALL THE TIME in my classroom. 

What do you need to become Apple Teacher Certified? An Apple ID an a computer to work on. That's it! The cost... FREE! For teachers that's the best news ever! Once you log-in and enter your information you will get to decide if you want to get your "badges" for iPads or Mac.
*You can do both!* 

Apple Teacher Home Screen

Now the fun begins, you will go through courses and learn new skills for popular apps. After you go through the course work, you then take a quiz to earn your badge! Once you get all of your badges you become the ULTIMATE APPLE TEACHER. Sounds easy enough, right?

All those badges need to be filled! 

No matter if you choose iPad or Mac you will have 8 courses to complete. If you decided to do both you will have to complete 16. A lot of the courses are crossovers so it doesn't make it too bad. I started with the iPad courses and my first badge of... iPad. Seems simple enough.  Then I had to download the iPad Teacher Started Guide... 65 pages long. Thankfully it's in iBook, so it wasn't anything I had to print off! This is where I'm going to be really honest... I didn't read a word. I've had iPads for years. I'm just going to take the quiz and see what happens.

I got 3 out of 5... I guess I better go look up a few things. When taking the quizzes it gives you situations where you could use your iPad and what would be your best choice. Harder than I thought! 

I'm going to go read up now and see how long it takes me to complete each badge and how difficult it is. If you have an questions please comment or email me! I would be happy to help you on your journey! We can also learn together! 

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